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Mission Statement

ALL4ISRAEL was formed and is staffed by caring volunteers to help support Israel and its needy citizens. Our overhead expenses are extremely minimal thanks to our donated office, telephone lines and equipment.

ALL4ISRAELhas 2 major functions, providing emergency help to families & our Healing Hands program which help the seriously injured with medical assistance.

ALL4ISRAEL assists families according to their individual needs. An allocation Committee reviews each case and distributes the money based on comprehensive research of each family''s resources, needs and circumstances. Consultations are arranged with social workers, family counselors and other professionals who are extensively involved with families.

We distribute funds with a human touch, providing for the immediate and long-term needs that the government agencies do not. This includes expense stipends, bank loan relief, tuition assistance and necessary home alterations to accommodate newly disabled victims. We assist victims through the bureaucratic process of qualifying and maximizing government assistance. We leverage our relationships with professionals to help victims get top medical care and legal assistance at the best prices. We also help unemployed victims of terror and their families find good jobs.

You can help our Israeli brothers and sisters by donating now to ALL4ISRAEL.

Become partners with us in our efforts to lend a helping hand in the wake of terror attacks that continue to plague Israel. Reach out and help rebuild shattered lives in the most practical of ways. Please join us in assisting the innocent victims of these terrible tragedies.

What is the Healing Hands Program?
This program is an effort to address the physical injuries of Israeli terror victims. Although the Israeli government provides funding for many types of medical care and has one of the most advanced medical systems in the world, there are certain surgeries and procedures which are not covered. We have created a network of specialists willing to donate their services and expertise to these individuals. The primary goal will be to refer these victims to specialists in Israel and work within the system there to provide funding. (In fact, many of the cases referred to us have been resolved by finding Israeli specialists willing to take on these patients at reduced rates.) When necessary, specialists in the U.S. provide guidance to Israeli physicians and where appropriate, patients are brought to the United States for treatment. All costs unrelated to the actual surgeries and medical procedures, including transportation, accommodations, medications and other expenses are funded by donors to the Healing Hands program. 

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