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Corporal Yosef Fartuk, 18, from Emmanuel

IDF soldier killed in barrage from Gaza

Corporal Yosef Fartuk, 18, from Emmanuel

Nov 20, 2012 - Cpl. Yosef Fartuk, 18, of Emmanuel was killed in a mortar attack in the Eshkol Regional Council area.

Yosef Fartuk, posthumously promoted to the rank of corporal, had just completed his basic training in the armored corps. He was among the forces deployed to in southern Israel in recent days to back up troops stationed there, where he was killed.

From a family of Breslav Hasidim, Yosef attended ultra-Orthodox schools until the age of 15 when he decided to leave the ultra-Orthodox world and the Ahavat Moshe yeshiva in Jerusalem. Although he abandoned the ultra-Orthodox style of dress, he continued to observe the Sabbath and prayed daily. Even after he joined the army, his relationship with his religious family and friends remained close.

A classmate described him as very active, with a good soul, who was ready to help everyone. "He was very sociable and active in all yeshiva activities, and a good student." His roommate for two years described him as having a great heart. "He never stopped smiling and would help anyone who asked. He was a class leader."

Fartuk was one of six children and was determined to enlist in the IDF as a combat soldier, in order to make a contribution to his country. He used to train for his enlistment by running and jogging in Emmanuel.

Cpl. Yosef Haim Fartuk was buried in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem. He is survived by his parents and five siblings.

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