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Netanel Yahalomi, 20, of Nof Ayalon.

Soldier killed in terrorist attack on Egypt border

Netanel Yahalomi, 20, of Nof Ayalon.

Sept 21, 2012: Cpl. Netanel Yahalomi, 20, of Nof Ayalon was killed when terrorists opened fire on IDF soldiers securing the construction of the fence along the Israel-Egypt border.

The IDF force's task on the border was two-fold: To prevent the entrance of illegal African migrants into Israel and to secure the work of construction crews hired to build the border fence. The attack occurred along a 17 kilometer stretch of the border where the fence has not yet been completed, in the Har Harif area.

The terrorists, dressed in civilian clothing, followed a group of African migrants. When the migrants arrived at the border, several soldiers left their post to offer them water. The terrorists then emerged from their hiding spot, approached the four fighters who remained at the post and opened fire, killing Netanel Yahalomi.

When IDF soldiers returned fire, killing three terrorists, a suicide bomb belt worn by one of the terrorists exploded. IDF sappers later recovered a large number of firearms and explosives from the terrorists after the incident, including and RPD machine gun, a rocket propelled grenade, Kalashnikov guns, ammunition, grenades, and personal equipment.

Netanal was born in Bnei Brak, the third of six siblings. The family was among the founders of Nof Ayalon, a community near Modi'in. Netanal studied at the high school yeshiva in Mitzpe Yericho and then at the hesder yeshiva in Ma'alot. Despite a lowered profile because of poor eyesight, he insisted on serving in a combat unit and joined the Artillery Corps, in which his father had served before him.

His sister Avital described her brother as a young man who wanted to give his utmost to his country, "and who couldn’t bear to see injustice." She added that he tried to study Torah whenever he could. "Even when he arrived home," she said, "it was important to him to study Torah."

Cpl. Natanel Yahalomi was buried at the military cemetery in Modi'in. He is survived by his parents Shmuel and Tova, and five siblings.

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